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Welcome to Coffeeriver Cottages

Updated: Jun 11 17
 Created: Sep 04 14

View of The Cottage surrounded by trees

Self-Contained for Self-Catering Cottages

Updated: Feb 03 17
 Created: Sep 15 14

A bouquet of tropical flowers from the garden

Self-contained: Each cottage is a separate building with its own solar electricity, hot and cold water, bathroom(s), kitchen, bedrooms and sitting area.

Self-catering:  You'll bring your own food and essential supplies - and prepare meals in your fully-equipped kitchen.  Or make use of the picnic area and barbecue.  And of course you can always enjoy eating out.

You'll find a selection of local food choices in nearby stores and markets.  Shopping is either 10 minutes away in Marigot, or 25 minutes to the village of Calibishie. 

A Paradise for Your Family

Updated: Oct 05 16
 Created: Sep 10 14

Children visiting with our dog Coff

Just steps from your door is a charming little river complete with a "paddling" pool for toddlers and a swimming hole for older children. We have tubes for extra fun in the water.

There's plenty of room for children to play and explore.  And we have a crib for the little ones.

Please note:  For your safety, we insist that children be supervised at all times.

Updated: Sep 10 14
 Created: Sep 10 14

Rocky little falls above the swimming hole
Three children swimming in the river

A Paradise for Hikers and Bird Enthusiasts

Updated: Sep 15 14
 Created: Sep 10 14

A view of our gardens

Dominica is called "The Nature Island" because so much of it is still undeveloped and unspoiled.  It is home to over a hundred bird species, including parrots and hummingbirds.

Ask Sandra or Stephen about arranging a guided day trip with a local bird expert.

Updated: Oct 05 16
 Created: Sep 15 14

Gardens on arrival at Coffee River

There are many hiking and walking trails through the tropical forest - ranging from a pleasant stroll to an all-day trek.  For the most difficult, we recommend you engage a guide.

In our own gardens, you'll encounter a wide range of plants and flowers. 

Your first adventure is a drive through banana fields - 4 x 4 is not needed.

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