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The Grounds

Updated: Sep 17 14
 Created: Sep 15 14

Large deep-pink flower

The grounds at Coffeeriver cottages will delight plant-lovers and bird enthusiasts alike.  Our garden includes so many plant varieties that we call it a "Mini-botanical Garden".  The local birds certainly take full advantage of it, and you're welcome to enjoy their comings and goings.

And the near-by river adds to the wonder of this natural paradise.

We will lend you a plant book and a bird book if you like to identify your natural neighbours.

Here are some photos to spark your interest.

Updated: Sep 15 14
 Created: Sep 15 14

Large peach-coloured flowers on a bush with deep green foliage
A pathway through the garden

Updated: Sep 15 14
 Created: Sep 15 14

Garden pathway flanked by colourful plants
A view of the calm river

Updated: Sep 23 14
 Created: Sep 23 14

The river upstream
Steps leading down to river's edge

Updated: Sep 15 14
 Created: Sep 15 14

The picnic area
Spectacular fan palm flanked by other exotic foliage plants
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